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Deduction of Writing off a Debt as a Zakah Payment

Question: I had lent a sum of money to one of my relatives. He is poor and eligible to receive Zakah. Now I want to write off the debt he owes me and deduct that sum as my Zakah payment …


Receiving Zakah by a Wealthy Person

Question: Is it permissible for a wealthy person to receive Zakah? Answer: الجواب باسم ملهم الصواب According to Islamic law, a person is considered wealthy if he owns the Nisab amount – in addition to his necessities, e.g. house, car, …


Rabbit Meat – Halal or Haram?

Question: Is it permissible to consume rabbit meat? Does touching a Rabbit Meat – Halal or Haram? rabbit nullify Wudhu? Answer: الجواب باسم ملهم الصواب It is permissible to consume rabbit meat. Touching a rabbit does not nullify Wudhu. If …

Abdullah ibn Abbas (Rd) was asked: "How did you acquire this knowledge?" He replied: "By an ever-questioning tongue and an ever-thinking mind."

 قِيلَ لِابْنِ عَبَّاسٍ كَيْفَ أَصَبْتَ هَذَا الْعِلْمَ؟ قَالَ: بِلِسَانٍ سَؤُولٍ، وَقَلْبٍ عَقُولٍ
وعن الحسن، قال: كان عمر رضي الله عنه إذا ذكر ابن عباس قال: ذلك فتى الكهول، له لسان سؤول، وقلب عقول